My name is Philip Hulings. I am the web designer and owner of, and I would like to introduce you to the most complete car dealer and car repair yellow pages directory online.

     In the late 80's or early 1990's, I started to learn about the benefits of promoting my products online. With the help of my son-in-law who was very advanced in the web community, I started to learn what makes the web so great.

     I was selling Amsoil Synthetic Oil at that time as a dealer going around talking to individuals about the benefits of using synthetic oil. I still sell Amsoil synthetic oil products online at and at where people can find the products they desire, and then click through to the Amsoil Inc Online Store and buy the products that Amsoil will then deliver right to their home or business. One of the best reasons for using Amsoil premium synthetic oil products and filters is that most motorists will save 10% on gas, or more. With today's gas prices, you can imagine the difference in your fuel costs. Gas savings aren't the only reason to use Amsoil synthetic oil. Most of the quality Amsoil synthetic motor oils are designed to be used for 25,000 miles or 1 year, with only a filter change at 6 months or 12,500 miles, whichever comes first.

     You can visit my Amsoil sites by going to and clicking on the link there.

     In 8 to 10 years, I plan to retire. I have worked hard during the years of labor, however, unlike many, I do not have a pension waiting for me. I started to become my retirement program.

     Currently I work a full time job from 7 AM until 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. That limits my sales time for calling on businesses. I do what I can, and hope to increase my sales time as the site becomes more popular. Most of my time is spent on promoting the web directory for car dealers and car repair businesses. When I finally retire, I hope to travel the state of Colorado and enlarge my automotive web directory to cover the whole state. Until then, I will keep plugging along and trying to find more and more car dealers and automotive service centers who see the value of my directory.

     It is almost a no brainer to advertise on I sell ads that are 2" tall by 4" wide for $ 125.00 per YEAR for each place the ad appears. There is nowhere that a business can get the kind of exposure that I offer them, for less.

     I also offer text listing of the business on the category pages. These text links go to a single web page that I design to promote your business, telling about who you are, and why car owners should visit your dealership or service center. The web page and the link is $ 125.00 per YEAR. From the web page, you can also have me link to your own web site, for an additional $ 30.00 per YEAR.

     I hope that those of you who have car dealerships or auto repair centers, will take a serious look at my site, and decide where you could benefit most by placing an ad.

     If you would like me to design an ad for your business, send me a picture of your business, along with the information, and I will be happy to design an ad for your consideration. The only thing you have to lose is the time involved with sending the picture and checking out the results. You have so much to gain, from new customers and returning customers who have drifted away, but after seeing you on the online automotive directory yellow pages, have returned to you for service or a new car.

     Call me anytime at 720-988-9046, or you can email me at with the details of your inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you real soon.

                                                                      Philip A. Hulings
Online Yellow Pages Listing of Car Dealers and Car Repair Businesses.

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