Amsoil 5w20 motor oil is designed for cars requiring a closer range of oil weight and stability to keep that range during hard operation.

Amsoil 5w20 Synthetic Motor Oil

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Beginning with 2001 models, most Ford and Honda vehicles come factory filled with a 5w20 grade motor oil. In addition, owner's manuals specify the continued use of the new viscosity grade. Ford owners manuals state in bold letters, "SAE 5W20 OIL PROVIDES OPTIMUM FUEL ECONOMY AND DURABILITY PERFORMANCE MEETING ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR VEHICLE'S ENGINE"

WHY 5w20?

"According to Mike Riley, product design engineer with Ford Motor Company, 'Moving to 5w20 was driven by using best technology oils, CAFE requirements and customer needs'. The company believes the switch to lighter viscosity 5w20 oils will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 190,000 metric tons a year and reduce US fuel consumption by over 21,000,000 gallons a year."

"In order to ensure lighter viscosity 5w20 oils don't sacrifice engine durability, Ford ran extensive field tests comparing 5w20 and 5w30 oils and used the data to create their own oil specification known as WSS-M2C153-H which includes ILSAC (GF-3) requirements, as well as a longer ASTM Sequence III Test."

Amsoil 5w20 Introduction to the Motoring Industry

Because of high consumer demand Amsoil is introducing its 5w20 motor oil now. API certification will follow when the testing process is complete.

Blended to surpass both GF-3 and Ford specifications, Amsoil 5w20 offers superior engine protection and unsurpassed fuel economy in engines calling for a 5w20 motor oil.

"Although blended to meet the requirements of 2001 Ford and Honda vehicles, Amsoil 5w20 Synthetic Motor Oil may also be used to improve fuel efficiency in certain other Ford and Honda models. Manufacturers are reviewing which older vehicles they will recommend 5w20 motor oil be used in."

Buy Amsoil Synthetic Oil Direct from Amsoil Inc.

The AMSOIL Advantage

The Noack volatility test shows Amsoil is superior to other motor oils.     The 4 ball wear test shows that Amsoil synthetic oil protects better than other petroleum and synthetic motor oils.

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Amsoil XL7500 Synthetic 5w20 motor oil provides the ultimate in wear protection, friction and heat reduction and superior performance in temperature extremes. Its synthetic formulation ensures low volatility, reducing oil consumption and improving fuel economy throughout the entire 7500 mile or 6 month, whichever comes first, service life. Customers using new lower viscosity 5w20 motor oils will want the extra protection afforded by Amsoil XL7500 Synthetic 5w20 Motor Oil.

The charts above compare Amsoil XL7500 Synthetic 5w20 Motor Oil to competing petroleum based 5w20 motor oils.

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