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Tips for installing a rear window graphic on your vehicle.


First:  Make certain your glass is clean of any oils and dirt. This included the edges, which need extra cleaning effort to remove any dirt and grease that may hinder the bond between the adhesive on the graphic and the window. I recommend a 50% water and alcohol cleaning mixture.


Second:  Clean your hands thoroughly so no oils are present to affect the adhesion of the graphic to the window. If your hands are not clean enough, the graphic may start to curl up around the edges.


If you do experience some curling, all is not lost. Buy 3M Edge Sealer. 3M Edge Sealer is available on Ebay and Amazon for around $20.
Pull the edge that is curling up, away from the glass, and clean the glass and back of the vinyl real well. Completely dry the glass and vinyl, and apply a thin layer of the 3M Edge Sealer to the glass.

Place the vinyl flat against the glass so it makes contact with the 3M Edge Sealer.

Using masking tape, secure the graphic so it stays flat against the glass and can cure. Once it cures, the vinyl should be securely affixed to the glass. Now apply a coating of 3M Edge Sealer to the edges of the graphic for long term protection against curling.


When you clean the graphic, be sure to keep the edges clean.


Third: When installing your graphic on the window, after having cleaned the glass and edges thoroughly with a water and alcohol mix, position the graphic onto the glass to be sure the positioning will allow full coverage of your window. Place masking tape on the top 2 corners and one piece near the center, off to one side.


Remove the tape from one top edge furthest from the center tape, and pull the graphic back to that point. Pull the backing from the vinyl making sure to keep the vinyl from contacting anything. When the graphic is pulled back from the backing, use a sharp knife to cut the backing material, being sure not to cut against the glass and not to knick the vinyl graphic.


Remove the cut away backing, and start to smooth the vinyl graphic onto the glass, making sure that you work from the center out, and do not get any creases in it. A card such as a credit card, or a plastic spatula can be used to smooth the graphic on the glass.


When you get to the end, use a knife to trim away the excess that goes beyond the glass.


If you have a slider, make sure the material is cut close to the styles of the slider section, so they will not cause the graphic to loosen. I would consider leaving the material over the styles, as the graphic will look more complete, however you can remove the vinyl graphic from the styles if you choose. 3M Edge Sealer should give you the best protection against peeling loose on the graphic where you cut around the edges of the slider or styles..


Next go to the other end of the window and remove the tape. Pull the graphic back from the glass, and remove the backing. Starting from the center, smooth the graphic against the glass, making sure you do not get any wrinkles in the vinyl. If you do get a wrinkle, pull the vinyl back a little and re-smooth the material against the glass.


When you finish smoothing the vinyl to the glass, trim off the excess material and enjoy the graphic you have just installed.


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