The USS Nimitz CVN68 Aircraft Carrier is the Flagship of the 3rd Fleet Carrier Strike Group 11.
This Pickup Slider designed rear window graphic is sized
64" x 19.5" to fit pickup rear windows with sliders, as well as to be usable on a solid pickup window too.

United States Navy 3rd Fleet of ships that defend our Pacific Coast.
US Navy 3rd Fleet
3rd Fleet Flagship USS Nimitz CVN68 over Carrier Strike Group 11.
USS Nimitz CVN68 Aircraft Carrier
Pickup Slider Window Graphic Mural
Carrier Strike Group 11 is assigned to the USS Nimitz CVN68
Carrier Strike
Group 11

The USS Nimitz CVN68 is a Nimitz class of nuclear powered multi-mission aircraft carriers. The USS Nimitz was named after Pacific Fleet Commander Chester W Nimitz. Designation is CVN-68 and The USS Nimitz is the flagship for the 3rd Fleet Carrier Strike Group 11.

It doesn't matter what your favorite ship is,
we can help you turn it into a Custom Rear Window Graphic
for the rear window of your truck or car.
Custom Designed Graphic to Fit Your Rear Window
made from perforated vinyl so you can see out through it
leaving you no blind spots to hinder your view.

Custom Designed Rear Window Graphic
USS Nimitz CVN68 Rear Window Graphic
$189.99 + $18.00 S&H
up to 19.5" high x 64" wide. Custom designed to fit your window.
Larger sizes are available at higher cost.


how to measure a slider window for a custom fit graphic mural.


US Navy 3rd Fleet

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