USS Spruance - DDG111
Rear Window Graphic Mural
Destroyers were created to combat the Torpedo Boats that could swoop in on a larger ship, launch their torpedoes and speed away to safety. The USS Spruance DDG111 is an Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer. The USS Spruance DDG111 was commissioned on October 1, 2011.
  US Navy Destroyer USS Spruance DDG111 Destroyer Squadron 23 Destroyer
US Navy Destroyer USS Spruance DDG-111 is part of Destroyer Squadron 23.
USS Spruance DDG-111
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Custom Designed Graphic to Fit Your Rear Window
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Custom Designed Rear Window Graphic
USS Spruance - DDG111 Rear Window Graphic
$189.99 + $18.00 S&H
up to 24" high x 66" wide. Custom designed to fit your window.
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