Truck Window Mural Saluting The Vietnam Veterans has the Marine Corp Emblem in the middle of the U.S. Flag with Vietnam Veteran on the sides of the emblem, with Semper Fi near the bottom. Now you can get the truck window mural for your truck or car, and a matching iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 case with the same design. I can also offer you a baseball hat and coffee mug combo too. Tell me what you want.
Truck Window Mural is below, and other combo items are additional.

Vietnam Veteran Custom
iPhone 4/4S Case for
iPhone 4 Cell Phone

Vietnam Veteran Custom
iPhone 5 Case for
iPhone 5 Cell Phone

Vietnam Veteran - Semper Fi
Custom Truck Rear Window Mural

Vietnam Veteran Semper Fi Truck window Mural Rear Window Graphic
Vietnam Veteran Semper Fi Truck Rear Window Mural

See through from inside, but beautiful from outside. This means there are no blind spots. Sized up to 24" hi x 66" wide for $189.99 + $ 18.00 S&H. Other sizes available - price may vary.

Request your quote for a custom truck or car rear window graphic

US Marine Corp Custom Truck Window Mural.
US Marine Corp Custom
Rear Window Graphic

Marine Corp Semper Fi Tough Deck Plate Rear Window Mural Graphic
Marine Corp Semper Fi Tough Deck Plate Rear Window Mural Graphic

Military Aircraft
Fighting Planes
Rear Window Graphics

Vietnam War Memorial
Truck Window Mural

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Measure your window at the widest point from side to side and top to bottom.

Vietnam Veteran Semper Fi Rear Window Mural
$189.99 + $18.00 S&H



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