Wyandotte County, Kansas High School
   Rear Window Murals



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Custom Rear Window
graphics see thru from
inside, but beautiful from outside.
Create a Custom Look
for your car or truck



Make your pickup or van a one of a kind. Custom graphics that we design for you, to show your pride and individuality.

Express Yourself with a Custom Rear Window Graphic Mural
for your car, truck, van or SUV

Show your pride in the high school of your choice.

Schlagle High School Stallions Kansas City, KS
Custom Rear Window Graphic Decal

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Turner High School Golden Bears in Turner, Kansas Rear Window Graphic
Turner Kansas High School
Custom Rear Window Graphic Mural

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These examples show you just a few ways you could express yourself with a custom graphic window cover for your rear window that is see through from the inside, and beautiful from the outside. Contact me about the design you want for your pickup, van, or your car. Call Phil at 720-988-9046 to get started.

KANSAS High Schools
Tell me your window size
so I can size the graphic
to fit your window properly

Barton County
Great Bend High School
Wyandotte County
Schlagle High School
Turner High School


Make your pickup or van a "One of a kind". Custom graphics are see through from the inside, and yet can not be seen through from outside. Your truck or van will stay cooler because the sun is blocked, and you will enjoy extra security for items you have in your truck.

One of a kind designs to enhance your truck or van windows, can be made from your high resolution graphics.

A Custom Graphic Sign on the background of your choice
will shout to the world that you are special.

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TO ORDER you need to measure your window size:

Measure the width of the bottom of the window.____________

Also measure the top width of the window.____________

Next measure the top to bottom of the window height.____________ widest point.

Measure your window at the widest point from side to side and top to bottom.

Tell me what you wish to create. Perhaps you want a custom background, with your personalized images in ovals on top of the background. Perhaps you want to make your statement against your background and jump out to speak loudly.

Send me the background picture separate from the pictures that will appear on top of it. I will do the creation of your custom graphic and email you a lower resolution graphic in gif format, for approval.

Pickup and van scenes are printed on 50/50 perforated vinyl that makes your graphic show on the outside, while leaving a see through view from the inside. Standard size is 60 inches wide and 22 inches high, but larger are available.

The manufacturer says that these window scenes have a 3 year life expectancy. They will last longer if you keep them washed regularly and do not have them continuously in direct sunlight.

Custom Pickup Back Scenes start at $ 189.99
Just right for your Van, SUV, Pickup and Car

Order yours today!


Custom Rear Window Graphics


U.S. High School Rear Window Graphic Pride Murals.
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Contact me at 720-988-9046
or philhulings@aol.com

Don't want to wait until I get to your school?
Send me a picture of the school mascot or logo
and I will create a rear window graphic just for you.




Phil Hulings

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